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Strengthening the capacities for fostering innovation along potato value chains in East Africa

From 19/12/2015 to 29/12/2015 Njombe and Mbeya
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The four innovation sessions involved gathering together farmers, seed producer, NGOs, extension worker, researchers, and policy makers with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

  • Strengthen the capacities of relevant stakeholders along the potato value chain to adapt existing and generate new innovative technologies and practices.
  • Bring together research organizations and relevant stakeholders, show practical case studies of the advantages of innovation along the value chain and identify possibilities of collaboration between the different actors involved.
  • Get stakeholders’ opinion on the main gaps and weaknesses of existing policies, regulations and standards.
  • Foster the adoption of innovative technologies and practices


A workshop involved oral presentation, parallel discussion of stakeholders working in groups; overview of the SPIRIT project, aim of the innovation session, Issues involved in innovative technologies and best practices for enhancing quality management along the seed potato value chain in Tanzania were presented and main gaps and weakness of existing policies, regulation and standards discussed and suggestion for improvement suggested.

Document relevant to the topics: Quality management along the seed potato value chain
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