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Course: 'Facing rural innovation challenges - Linking research to inclusive development for food security'

From 25/09/2017 to 13/10/2017 Wageningen, the Netherland
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Researchers must make their work relevant for the inclusive development of involved communities if it is to have any value. And agricultural professionals, farmers and their organizations may lack up to date information on how to most effectively improve food security. This course will introduce you to new approaches and tools for designing and managing participation in rural innovation that will help to resolve both problems and find complementary solutions. It will enable you to create and support effective partnerships, collaboration and dynamic stakeholder networks to co-create new knowledge for better agri-business deals and higher farmer income.

Course content

Week 1: Innovation as a change process and a multi-stakeholder approach to rural innovation.

Main topics: systems thinking and complexity, linking research to development, facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, interactive learning techniques.

Week 2: Case studies.

Use of field trips to help to unpack complex multi-stakeholder processes, by engaging with different stakeholders involved in competing claims on rural space.

Week 3: Developing the capacity to innovate in rural development, using action research and development projects that benefit farmers and small and medium sized agribusinesses.

Main topics: facilitation skills, personal effectiveness, business approach to development, incorporating new knowledge in your own work (action plan). 

Document relevant to the regions and countries: EU and Others , Kenya , Rwanda , Tanzania , Uganda
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