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International Short course: Resilient and sustainable food systems for a food secure future

From 09/04/2018 to 20/04/2018 Campus WUR, The Netherlands
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This course aims to offer a systems thinking and systems dynamics approach on agriculture as well as skills and tools to design innovative, resilient and sustainable food systems. It looks at how to balance between producing food, managing natural resources, dealing with uncertainty and providing an livelihood base for the rural population. It will move beyond the technical realm looking also at the role and involvement of public, private and civil stakeholders for inclusion of social, environmental, economic, and political aspects.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Understand the global future challenges of food production and the effects on different scales of farming;
  • Apply a system dynamics approach for analysing food systems in order to find new balances between producing food, managing natural resources, dealing with uncertainty and providing a livelihood base for the rural population in a changing world;

Knowledge and skills will be strengthened and after this two weeks course you will:

  • have a deeper understanding on how global development trends and challenges affect farming practices and policies at local and national levels;
  • be able to use various tools and techniques to analyse food systems and to identify critical issues for change;
  • be able to develop innovative and practical oriented interventions, strategies and policies for transition to resilient and sustainable food systems, which are socially, economically and ecologically balanced;
  • understand the role of stakeholders and involve them in making food systems more resilient and sustainable.

Target Audience

Technical staff, policymakers, scientists, private sector professionals and programme / project managers who want to build resilient and sustainable food system in their home countries, to enrol. Participants should be proficient in English, and have at least a BSc degree or an equivalent academic qualification and preferably several years of work experience in the agricultural domain.

Practical Information

Date: 09 - 20 April 2018

Application deadline: 26 February 2018

Application deadline NFP/MENA: 18 October 2017 (for a scholarship opportunity)

Location: The Netherlands

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