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Innovative technologies and best practices for enhancing quality management along the seed potato value chain in East Africa

December 14 2016 by INKOA
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This document is aimed at fostering the development of innovative potato seed systems in East Africa. To this end the guideline covers key aspects of the seed potato value chain such as the development of potato varieties, the production of quality seeds, post-harvest management practices for seed potato, as well as best practices for seed potato distribution adn marketing.

This document belongs to a set of guidelines delivered in the context of the SPIRIT project to foster the adoption of innovative technologies and practices along the potato value chain in East Africa. 

  • Guideline 1- Innovative technologies and best practices for enhancing quality management along the seed potato value chain in East Africa.
  • Guideline 2- Production and post-harvest technologies and practices for improving potato quality in East Africa.
  • Guideline 3- Enhancing product quality in the potato industry processing sector of East Africa.
  • Guideline 4- Enhanced control of product quality and management of information along the potato value chain in East Africa.

Year: 2016
Document relevant to the regions and countries: Kenya , Rwanda , Tanzania , Uganda
Type of document: Training
Gender-differentiated trait preferences for sweetpotato varieties in Tanzania
January 11 2022 by INKOA

This report is an update of information on gender-differentiated producer and consumer preferred characteristics of sweet potato conducted at the Lake Zone of Tanzania.

How sustainable is your company?
December 22 2021 by INKOA

A guide to conduct an environmental diagnosis in horticultural processing MSMEs, developed by Horti-Green project (ENV/2017/391-383)

Potato-legume intercropping enhances climate resilience and adaptive capacity of smallholder farmers
February 13 2021 by INKOA

In this research brief, two potential roles of potato-legume intercropping are reported: (i) improved control of soil erosion to make potato production more sustainable in the highlands; and (ii) optimizing soil temperatures, soil water contents and soil nutrient balance thus enabling potato production in the drier midland agro-food systems. The results are derived from six separate studies conducted between the 2014 wet season and 2018 dry season in Kenya.

Individual ambient ware potato storage excels in Uganda
December 28 2020 by INKOA

Improved individual ambient storage units allow proper ware potato storage, are easy to maintain and help smallholder farmers fetch higher prices; more education and suitable financial products are needed that entice farmers to invest in these units to enable greater profitability.

How to read a food label
October 13 2020 by INKOA

This brochure, developed by Horti-Green project (ENV/2017/391-383), provides an overview of the information that food labels should contain.

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