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Processing techniques and technologies

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The potato processing industry requires a wide range of processing equipment to produce a premium quality product. This topic deals with these techniques and technologies.

How sustainable is your company?
December 22 2021 by INKOA

A guide to conduct an environmental diagnosis in horticultural processing MSMEs, developed by Horti-Green project (ENV/2017/391-383)

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Individual ambient ware potato storage excels in Uganda
December 28 2020 by INKOA

Improved individual ambient storage units allow proper ware potato storage, are easy to maintain and help smallholder farmers fetch higher prices; more education and suitable financial products are needed that entice farmers to invest in these units to enable greater profitability.

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The Crops (Irish Potato) Regulations, Kenya 2019
June 29 2019 by INKOA

The long awaited Crops (Irish Potato) Regulations, 2019 were finally officially launched by the cabinet secretary, ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation, Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri, during the Annual National Potato Conference in KARLO, Loresho organized by National Potato Council of Kenya. The Regulations will address the prevailing challenges in the Potato Sector which include: Use of extended bags – henceforth, the maximum weight per unit package shall be 50kgs, Quality assurance and marketing and Licensing of actors in the Potato value chain. Check below or download a copy of the regulation here.

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Novel Combined Freeze-Drying and Instant Controlled Pressure Drop Drying for Restructured Carrot-Potato Chips: Optimized by Response Surface Method
March 13 2018 by INKOA

Combined freeze-drying and instant controlled pressure drop process (FD-DIC) for restructured carrot-potato chips was developed and its processing conditions were optimized using response surface methodology (RSM) with the purpose of improving the quality of products and reducing energy consumption. Three critical variables including the amount of carrot, the moisture content of the partially dried product before DIC treatment, and equilibrium temperature of DIC for the restructured chips were considered. 

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Trends in global potato processing industry- Evidence from patents’ analysis
August 1 2017 by INKOA

Potato has been considered as a serious food security option worldwide and about 15.5% of potato tubers are processed into various products. This study undertakes analysis of patents data for having insight into the direction and extent of global research on potato processing. North America has demonstrated that protection of intellectual properties create global businesses, however massive efforts from China in recent years indicate their giganticfuture plans in potato processing. The study indicates that western developed world was skewed towards French fries and Potato Chips/ Crisps while China has greater balance in their focus as Other Potato products, Dehydrated Products and Processing Machineryhave also been adequately focussed.

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